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A blog that focusses on giving people tips on how to be good at Pokemon Go

How to gain experience in Pokemon Go

Gaining experience in Pokemon Go quickly

Pokemon go is all the rage nowadays. It has only been released a few days back and it is already topping the charts in many countries. It has only been released in Australia, New Zealand and the US as of yet but the worldwide release is coming soon. Even so, people from all around the world are already playing through several workarounds. People who use an android device can download the Pokemon Go APK from mirrors and people who use iOS can change their location settings.



However, due to the fact that people are using workarounds to play the game before it has officially been released in their country are causing the servers to down quite frequently. In addition, they are causing people who do wait until the game is released in their country to be at a severe disadvantage because they start so much later. It is not inconceivable that those players who start later will have to resort to Pokemon Go Hacks for coins to catch up.


However, it is to be expected that people are so excited for this particular game and are unable to wait for the official release in their country. An entire generation grew up watching Pokemon religiously and many of them have been awaiting their chance to chase their dream of becoming a real life pokemon trainer. It seems that this chance is now finally here and people are not going to pass up on it.


Pokemon Go is only in the early stages of the game; there are still a lot of updates to be made such as trainer versus trainer combat, trading and a better battle system. When these updates will be added to the game remains to be seen, but it is predicted to be rather soon. Especially since the game is so successful it seem logical that the developers will not be hesitant to keep working on the game. Money will also not be a problem when adding extra features to Pokemon Go because they are currently the top grossing game on the app store which is a feat in and of itself because the game is definitely not pay to win.

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